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Solar Panel Guide were super professional and nice. Knowledgeable and a great company to work with. We are looking forward receiving to our house our first solar energy bill

Ashley McElhaney

Solar Panel Guide acquired three different solar bids for us, and we chose one together. They coordinated the installation, their crew was very professional and installed the system in one day!

Don Stamp

SPG worked with us to install our solar system. They did an excellent job designing and installing to meet our needs. We are very happy with the system, and our new, much lower environmentally happy payment.

Bill Rainer

I’m very pleased with Solar Panel Guide. I spoke with many other representatives prior to deciding on working with them. I was comfortable with how they listened to my concerns, and how everything was presented. It was a positive experience.

Karen Crawford

They were a great company that offered us a great deal, and provided perfect customer service. We received a professional solar representative salesman that helped us complete the process quick. I highly recommended their company.

Rami Qumsiyeh

Thank you SPG for the amazing service and consultation. Your team was super fast and responsive through the whole process. From the inquiry to the design and even installation.  Great job for the solar energy team!

Veronica Eddington

Panel Options

Lease Solar Panels

  • No upfront cost
  • Lock-in your utility rate
  • No maintenance responsibility

Purchase Power Agreement

  • 24/7 System Monitoring
  • Cash flow positive from day one
  • Guaranteed transfer to new home owner

Purchase Solar Panels

  • Equipment Ownership
  • Increase property value
  • Federal and state solar tax credits

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